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    History & Company Profile::
    Zatka Inc was Launched on Oct 29, 2001, with the object to provide better and accuret search technology to indian and indian related website. As in india major search engines are directory based which have limitation of accurecy. So intially we start meta search engine which we have upgraded to full text search engine. Still we are upgrading our search engine technology to give better and accuret result to site surfer. Our search technology is powered by Phpdig.

    About Site:
    This site is maintaining by RnD Infomark, India is a leading IT services company and has been providing Internet services for business since it was established in 1998 . RnD Infomark have been developing comprehensive, "turnkey" web solutions for clients since 1998. We have more than 20,000 india related page and more than 600 sites. which we are continiously increasing. We accept free submission for india and india related site. Our site carry more than 900 hits per day and approx 500 different search query used by users, which growing rapidely every month.

    Why use local Indian Search Engines?

    More and more indian "Search Engines" are becoming "searchable directories", where one or two of a sites main pages are indexed by the Search Engine.
    There are so many sites these days, it is almost impossible to index them all, as the major search engines are trying to do. In order to keep their data base down to a good size, they have to "skip" certain sites, member sites, personal sites, etc... those that they do "index", they only index the front page or two..
    Local search engines can index more pages of sites within a certain range, such as a state... If you are looking for "Business", you want the page that has the information, way down inside the States web site... possibly 4 or 5 links down into the site...That is where local search engines come into being..They can deliver.

    A few "Local Search Engines" merely use a local page, and use a major search engine to find the results from their database... Might as well use the big guy....

    Our search engine actually goes out and looks at the sites within the india and states it covers, and indexes all the pages it can find, right down into the site, and brings the results back sorted, and arranged by how relevent it is to your search.

    We are Local! If you can't find something you are looking for, email us! I will help! let's see a major search engine say that!

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