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  • Zatka website Submission Guidelines:

    • Only India related web sites will be considered for inclusion! Submissions must be made from this page. Any submissions from other sources will summarily be deleted without review or consideration.
    • Without e-mail authentication we will not include the site in our database so confirmation of the link is essential to include in our database.
    • We accept only Indian site and India related site. We don't accept Incomplete, sexually-related content, "adult" sites language, porno, warez, cracks, viruses, gambling, racist content, terrorist or "underground" associations, or similar sleazy content.
    • We do not add all submitted URLs to Zatka and do not guarantee when or if they will appear. If your site has not been added within 20 Days, the most likely reasons are as follows: a.) Your site lacked Title and/or Meta Description tags.
      b.) You submitted a page or pages that had the same root domain name as your top-level page (homepage).
      c.) Your site contained pornographic or illegal content, or promoted hatred, intolerance, or prejudice.
    • Don't use capital letter for your URL address and e-mail, Otherwise we will not add your site in our index.
    • Your URL will added within a 20 days time due to heavy URL submissions on Zatka search engine.
    • Certain sites are not optimized for robots spidering and some time robots not able to detect other page link from the site due to limitation of robots. If such a case your site may not spider and included in our database.
    • Once you have submitted your request, please be patient, we require two to three weeks to process submissions. You will be advised by E-mail if/when your site has been accepted into the zatka database. (Sites submitted with invalid E-mail addresse will be removed. We would also like to remind you to keep your listing with us current. We will remove your link if we find your URL no longer functional/accessible or if your web site content is no longer as per our terms and condition and policy
    • Still you have any question you can ask us guidelines@zatka.com.

    Limitation of the robots:

    • Site in Other language than English:
      The search engine being understand English perfectly, only the sites in English language are indexed by our robots.
      If a site contains bilingual or trilingual pages, it is necessary that the English language is dominant in the visible text. In the contrary case, it will be preferable to propose various versions of the site rather than to insert paragraphs in several languages there.
    • Other formats that the HTML:
      Generally, our robots do not index the sites whose page is made in Flash. The solution is to bring a version HTML of the page. Indeed, one never should lose sight of the fact that the "robots" index only contents HTML.
    • Site in redirection
      Our "robots" does not refer the sites which present a redirection. It is thus necessary to subject a site with its URL of origin, so that this one is indexed.
    • Dynamic pages:
      The dynamic pages cannot be indexed, and this for several "technical" reasons (access to these pages via forms and/or passwords; nonreproducible contents, etc).
    • Large Site:
      We don't spider all pages of the large site due to so many technical and cost oriented reason. We will try to improve this area but right now we can't give gureenty for all page indexing in our search engine.
    • Farme Page:
      Our robots do not index the sites whose page is made in Frame.

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